Ryan Stanford

About Ryan

Ryan joined Eastward Companies in 2018 working in various carpentry and labor capacities. He brings with him prior experience in the Cape Cod real estate market, luxury motor yacht operations, and business development at NASCAR. In 2019, Ryan moved into the Buyer/Estimator role and is responsible for taking special care when researching the costs associated with various types of building projects to ensure there are as few financial surprises as possible. Through Ryan’s personality, outreach, and work ethic he helps us procure products we know will satisfy and perform to your standards while keeping your costs as low as possible.  This allows us to share these savings with our customers. Ryan is proud to have spent 7 years living in Dubai growing up as a child bringing a wide range of life & professional perspectives to the table.

In his spare time, Ryan enjoys being active outside with cycling and kayaking. He is a perpetual student and continues learning through his other interests which include art & design, space exploration, and engineering.



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